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We want to extend a grateful thank you to the hundreds of our loyal clients who participated in the Best of Denver's A-List voting this year.

 Antioch, Illinois Dog "Attack"

June 7, 2016 - Many people were shocked and surprised to learn that a pair of dogs attacked their 71 year old owner after the woman had a severe stroke and died in Antioch, Illinois.

This isn't terribly unusual and it's even less unusual for dogs to attack dogs who are having seizures or experiencing states of extreme pain or panic.  Some dogs who apparently love their dog-mates and their owners can still possess a very strong animal instinct to "finish off" these dogs, and sometimes their people when they are in such states.  Sometimes it's an act of perceived self preservation.  In other cases, it could be a dog who initially tries to "resuscitate" the dog or person by licking.  If they don't get a response, they might try snapping and grabbing.  Some dogs will even elevate to biting behavior during these attempts. 

If you have a dog who has seizures, never leave that dog unattended with other dogs.  If you are caring for a person who has seizures, you must either teach the dog to alert someone else to the seizure, to constructively help the person with the seizure or keep the dog from having any unsupervised time with the person.


Designed specifically for puppies between 9 and 16 weeks of age.  Begin this four-session course on any Saturday and attend four consecutive classes that cover all of the behavior modeling, modification, constructive socialization and training that are essential to raising a puppy that will give you a great head start on the Basic Course and the juvenile stage.  Puppies must have their first series of vaccinations one week prior to first class attendance and no exposure to unknown dogs in the past 17 days.  Read the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior statement on the importance of puppy socialization.



Learn every aspect of living with a dog in this 7-week course that meets once a week for 90 minutes to 2 hours covering: secure environment, 24/7 leadership interaction, positive dog and people socialization, constructive play & exercise, reliable single command obedience, effective behavior modification and overall care.  Don't let the word "Basic" fool you.  We cover in one course what most trainers break into 2 or 3 courses!  Includes our comprehensive book for ready reference anytime you need it. (If your dog has fear or aggression issues, please call for other options before you register.)

Our next Basic Obedience & Behavior Courses begin:

Saturday, July 9 @ 10:30AM

Monday, July 18 @ 6:30PM

Saturday, July 30 @ 1:00PM



A 6-week course featuring advanced on-leash and long-line training with different distraction themes every week and an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluation in Week 6.  Successful completion of a Basic Course (or equivalent) is required.  Students may start as late as Week 3 and wrap around to Week 2.

Our next Canine Good Citizen Courses begin:

Saturday, July 30 @ 3:30PM

Saturday, September 24 @ 3:30PM



Kateri Nelson offers classes and testing specifically for therapy dogs.  She is certified by the Delta Society and is offering classes on Sunday afternoons at our Colfax-Kipling facility.  Dogs must successfully complete the Canine Good Citizen Course/Test and a therapy pre-test prior to enrollment.  Please visit www.animals4therapy.org for more information.


Unsafe Dog Treats

The FDA has noted a substantial increase in dog illnesses associated with imported treats and dog foods; even some very popular name brands. Our advice?  Don't buy dog treats unless they specifically say "Made in the USA," regardless of the brand.  Don't fall for "distributed by" city locations that happen to be in the USA.  Products that are made in Canada are likely to be safer, too.  Don't buy treats preserved with ethoxyquin or contain animal ingredients that don't specify exactly what animal the ingredients came from.  The best treats?  Make them easily yourself!  Cooked (pork-free) low-sodium hot dog pieces, raw carrots and green beans are great treats that are healthier and safer alternatives.



Keep all dogs, even large breeds, leashed on walks and avoid using a leash longer than 8 feet in areas where coyotes can hide.  Keep unsupervised yard time to an absolute minimum for all dogs and personally escort small breeds when they are in the yard, even if you have tall fencing.  Coyotes are known to jump 6' fences and can enter your home through a dog door.  Off leash larger dogs have been lured away by one coyote only to be brought into a small pack ambush.  There have even been a few recent reports of coyotes biting small children.  Keep outdoor trash in animal proof containers and do not feed coyotes under any circumstances.  Make a point of scaring off any coyote in your proximity by yelling loudly and throwing rocks or sticks, making yourself look as big and threatening as possible.  Let's work together to keep coyotes afraid of humans.




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